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Every one of us is a volunteer. We have a small dedicated team, but we need more help! If you think you're ready to donate just an hour of your time or become a regular volunteer, here are some of the tasks you could help with. 

Volunteers can:

  • Organize or help with fundraising and adoption events

  • Update the website and Petfinder

  • Write informative and attractive descriptions on Petfinder

  • Clean out the cat condos at Petco

  • Clean and sanitize carriers

  • Transport cats to veterinarian appointments

  • Help with transfers (driving kitties to their new homes)

  • Design and distribute marketing (posters for events, Facebook, etc.)

  • Feed cats in feral colonies

  • Help to socialize kittens born feral so they can be adopted

  • Help with TNR (trapping, aftercare, etc.)

  • Distribute food donations to foster homes

Got another talent you'd like to lend to the effort to give kitties a good life? Let us know!


Ready to volunteer or have questions?​​


If you are interested in fostering, please see our foster page for more information and a foster application.

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